Household Essentials Woven Seagrass Triple Laundry Sorter with Removable Bags

Laundry Hampers
This triple bagged laundry hamper/sorter #ML-6445 from WHITNEY DESIGN can be easily put to use. The exterior sides of this hamper/sorter are woven from all natural seagrass. The inner frame is strong metal wire construction. To allow movement on the floor, it comes with casters. Each bag is made from a soft cotton material and each bag is removable. The lid is hinged at one side. It measures 33.5" in length by 13.5" in width by 28.25" in height.

Triple-bag laundry sorter hand-woven from all-natural seagrass
Treated with coating to prevent mold or mildew from forming
Strong, rust-proof, metal wire frame for stability; durable casters
Hinged lid to hide inside contents; 3 removable cotton-cloth bags
Measures 33-1/2 inches long by 13-1/2 inches deep by 28-1/4 inches high

Die a Hero

Arts & Literature
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